How much does it cost?

before-and-afterAs a small family-run online business, we can offer exceptional quality and customer service at cost effective rates that make it affordable for anyone to have their whole photo collection scanned and digitized.

To keep it simple and low cost it’s the same price whether you have hard copy photos, slides or negatives. It doesn’t matter what format you have they are all the same price. You can order online and pay by Visa, MasterCard or direct bank payment.

We scan

  • ALL photos – colour, black and white, any size up to 10” x 8”, standard photos or specialty and vintage all the same price.
  • ALL slides – Any format, 35mm, 35mm half frame, 127 super frame or 1 inch plastic slides – all the same price.
  • ALL Negatives – Any format, 35mm strips, 110, 120 medium format, large format, hand cut ‘box brownie’ B&W, colour, vintage – all the same price
  • ALL orders receive a FREE USB memory stick with your completed scans
  • ALL orders receive FREE return postage of your scans and originals anywhere in NZ

Archive / standard resolution .75c each (100 minimum order)

Archive resolution is 300dpi for hard copy photographs of all sizes and 1200dpi for negatives and slides of all kinds.

This resolution is ideal for archive quality and viewing your photos on any digital screen such as a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or TV. You can make photo books and hard copy prints that are the same size as the originals from this quality of scan.

High resolution .99c each (100 minimum order)

High resolution scans are 600dpi for hard copy photographs of all sizes and 2400 dpi for negatives and slides of all kinds.

This resolution is perfect for any of the standard resolution uses but is also excellent for enlargements, high quality photo reproduction, photo canvasses etc.

* For Photos in albums, larger or special order requirements please contact us for special pricing

Satisfaction Guaranteed
It is our job to preserve these materials for future generations, that means we have no room for error. We go to tremendous lengths to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your order. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll reprocess your order for free.

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