album 2Why should I use Scan My Photos?
We use the highest quality commercial grade scanning equipment to scan your photos, slides and negatives and offer cost effective pricing and a quick turnaround. There are other options such as DIY scanning, however the cost of purchasing the equipment and the time involved can be prohibitive.

Are my photos safe?
Yes. We have never had a package go missing in transit, NZ post and couriers tend to be very reliable. When your photos arrive we email you to let you know they have arrived safely and when your order is complete we email you to let you know they are on their way back to you. We look after your photos as if they are our own.

Do I get my originals back?
Yes. We return your originals along with your USB memory stick(s)

How long does it take?
Once we receive your order, we will email you confirmation. Most orders are ready within 5-7 days but please allow some extra time at busy ties of the year such as Christmas.

Can I send my photo albums to you?
Yes, we have done LOTS of photo albums. Albums take a little more work depending on the type of album and method the photos are ‘stuck’ in. Please contact us for details and we can provide prices for albums.

My images are really old – is it worth converting to digital?
Absolutely…. It’s always worth digitizing your photos, even if they are in less than perfect condition. Our processes can enhance the quality and you usually end up with a better image than the original. If they are ‘really badly damaged’ get in contact as we can often repair and enhance damaged images

Do you offer gift vouchers?
Yes, a Scan My Photos gift certificate makes a great gift for any occasion. Contact us and we will ensure the recipients name and occasion is printed on the voucher. We can either email or send hard copies of gift vouchers.

How much is shipping?
For all online web orders return shipping of your originals and scans is free of charge by NZ Post or Parcelpost. If you require courier or signature deliver this is an additional cost. Please contact us for rates. We have never had an order go missing in the mail.

What type of scanners do you use?
We use the most technologically advanced professional grade scanners. When processing photos, we hand scan each photo, negative or slide.

What does dpi mean and what resolution should I order?
DPI is the ‘quality’ of the scan. Dots per inch. Our standard scanning DPI for hard copy photos is either 300 or 600 dpi depending on the size and type of photo. For slides and negatives our standard is 2400dpi. These resolutions are ideal for printing copies and digital viewing of your images.

My slides are in carousels or protective sleeves, can I send these?
Yes, this is ideal as we will scan them in the order they are in the carousels. They are also excellent for transporting.

What media do you use to supply the digital images?
We use USB drives as standard but you can request CD or DVD at no extra cost however USB drives usually hold more photo files and many computers these days do not have CD or DCD drives. USB is the international standard. Note that some photo scanning services charge extra for USB’s or only provide scans on disc.

Can I get duplicates?
Yes we can supply multiple USB drives. These are excellent for sharing with family members so then everyone has a copy of the old family photos. Extra USB copies are $15.

How will you organise my files?
We will scan your films and photos in the order that they are received. If they are in separate bundles, albums or slide packets these will be in separate files and labeled for easy organization.

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